Wikis/Blogs in the Classroom: PBWorks

One of the wikis (or pseudo blog) we have found useful is PBWorks.  PBWorks can be found at
This link provides a nice overview of the features:  This site lets you create a collaborative space for your students.  You have the ability to provide web links, video, and other open source files like Glogs.  You can control the degree to which they can participate and student email accounts are not required.

Links to more resources and information:
Support Center:  This page gives you access to the online user's manual, the PBWorks blog, and webinars. 
Free Online Training:  Webinars and Videos
Academic Case Studies

To begin.. go to this link and select BASIC (it's the free one!).  You are limited to 1 classroom account workspace, 100 users, 2 GB of storage, limited customization and no backups.  Begin by setting up your security settings and adding your users.  HELPFUL tip:  The three primary levels of users are:


 Editor:User has access to editing the contents of the page itself, in addition to commenting and creating their own wiki pages
 Writer:User has the ability to edit content and comment, but cannot change the pages themselves.
 Reader:User can only comment on posts.  These people cannot change the page or change other content.

And a more detailed list of each user level:
User Permission Levels

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