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Bitstrips for Schools is a web-based, digital comic creation tool for students in grade 3-8 in Sudbury.  We have a license that allows teachers to create classrooms, add students, assign projects, collaborate on projects and have comics handed in for comments and grading.

In addition to the support resources below, this Bitstrips Blog contains great information on the latest updates and added features!

The ability for you to review the progress of your student's work and provide feedback before submitting for final approval is a powerful new feature!  All of the activities you’ve assigned to your class appear on the My Activities homepage. Each activity has a new dashboard that shows student progress categorized into 5 very useful sections -
Submitted for review – these students have sent you comics and are waiting for you to approve them or provide feedback.
Unstarted – these students have yet to start their comic.
In progress – these students have saved a draft but not submitted it to you yet.
In revision – these students have received your feedback but have not yet re-submitted their comic to you.
Approved – these students have successfully completed the activity.

Clicking on any of these categories takes you to the relevant list of students. Generally, the one you’ll be most interested in is Submitted for review, since it’s the list of students who require your feedback.

Video Tutorial:

Main Features

  • Private and secure virtual classrooms
  • Easy-to-use tools that let teachers and students design original characters and create amazing-looking comic strips
  • Sharing, remixing, and commenting functions that promote student interaction and collaboration
  • Teacher assignment library with hundreds of pre-made assignments across every grade; teachers can also create their own assignments
  • Full teacher control over classrooms, assignments, and student accounts; automatic and manual content filtering

Please contact Donna Criswell to be given a teacher account before starting with Bitstrips..

Knowledge Base (for questions/answers on all aspects of Bitstrips for Schools): 
Bitstrips Manual - more about setting up classes and assigning activities

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