Be "Inspired": Tips and Techniques

This page will provide tips, techniques and strategies for using ActivInspire, the Interactive Whiteboard software, in your classroom. It is my hope that you will offer some of your own ideas here along the way, helping your colleagues to integrate this powerful tool in your day to day teaching. 

Please also refer to the All Things Activ site for basic information, as well as this site to share flipcharts across the district:
Activ Flipcharts.

  • Drag A Copy!: The ability to add an unlimited number of any object/image onto your flipchart page!

Extracting Text Part 3: More Examples: 

Also use this technique to reveal 'before and after' pictures to show cause and effect, changes in time (historical), etc.

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  1. I like this guy a lot! He's clear and animated. Great tips!