Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tip of the Week: Walk and Talk: May 19th, 2015

I had the distinct honor of working with Dr. Lodge McCammon a few years ago at a Discovery Education summer symposium. Lodge is a speaker, educator (flipped classroom advocate), researcher, musicianpaper slide creator, and movement advocate.  He has contributed many original songs on DEStreaming that can be used by teachers in their lessons.  He created catchy songs for a variety of content areas, from primary grades through high school.

Here is Lodge's Solids, Liquids and Gas song:  

(click the play/arrow button)

Lodge introduced the educators in our summer session to the 'paper slide video' concept which many teachers use here in Sudbury to this day.

My post today is connected to Lodge, the "movement advocate", who has recently advocated for  "Walk and Talks" in our schools.  "It’s as simple as it sounds. If we can get our students or teammates up and moving while discussing information, it will increase cognition, memory, retention, creativity and achievement. Use the #walkandtalk strategy to activate the brain and create a healthy learning environment.... Put students in groups. Give each group questions to answer. Have them take a walk & talk."

Here is a link to some examples being done by both adults/educators:
Walk and Talk

And here is a link to research on the value of kinesthetics in the classroom.

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