Monday, March 25, 2013

Tip of the Week: There's More?!?, March 25, 2013

This post continues the conversation about the amazing resources that we all have access to with our   subscription to DEStreaming. I've blatantly borrowed some "Did You Know's" from a Discovery colleague's blog.. (thanks Catherine Beck!)
  • Did you know that DE is more than just videos ?
  • Did you know that many video clips are editable ? (think iMove  - have students bring in clips, eliminate the audio and re-narrate their own understanding - yes, several of Sudbury teachers and students have done this !)
  • Did you know that Discovery Education offers amazing webinars ?
  • Did you know they have many full audio books ? (The Hunger Games !)
  • Did you know they have most episodes of Sid the Science Kid and Magic School Bus to support science ?
  • Did you that the publishing group Weston Woods has over 200 animated versions of popular picture books available on DEStreaming ?
  • Did you know that they have Planet Earth and Frozen Planet ?
  • Did you know you can search for content based on state standards and the Common Core ?

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