Monday, January 7, 2013

Tip of the Week: BASICS!!! and More!: Jan. 9, 2013

We all know teachers who are implementing things like: Web 2.0, 21st Century skills, Google collaboration, Glogs, Blogs, Wikis, iMovies, Digital Comics, Web Page creation, and more... all while making their Interactive Whiteboards sing!  Is that you?  Maybe..!?!?  Maybe not?  

Whether you are tech savvy or a novice, there is always something to learn, even for me.  I thought I would periodically share some resources and links that will help all of us with some of the 'basics.'  If you find them useful, please set these aside or bookmark for reference when you need them... 

The first link is from the "Dummies" book series fame..

Don't be offended by the title.. this site contains a ton of cool resources on everything from how to put your Mac to sleep, basic Internet tips, using iPhoto, iWork, basic troubleshooting and so much more.  I hope you will find this useful!

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