Monday, December 3, 2012

Thought of the Week: What's Obvious to You...

"What's Obvious to You
Is Amazing to Someone Else"

This so resonated with me.. Ask any of the teachers in Sudbury with whom I co-present at various tech/educational conferences.  I panic beforehand thinking I have nothing new to offer the audience. "Who is going to be impressed with what we're saying?  Don't they know all of this already?  They're going to laugh at me for sure.. !" Those are the things that play in my head.  But each and every time I put myself out there, I always end up feeling awesome and that I truly did contribute!  People DO learn from me, and I from them.  

Teachers are well known (generally speaking) for feeling that their work is not worthy of sharing with others.  We want kids to know that their voices are worthy, and worthy of publication to an audience.  So too are our voices.. so make your voices heard!  Blog, Tweet, Comment on blogs (hint, hint).. You never know if what you have to say is amazing to someone else.. !

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