Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tip of the Week: October 9, 2012: Wallwisher

Wallwisher is just what the logo says:  a virtual wall onto which you and others can post sticky notes on any topic.  This FREE web 2.0 tool can be used in classrooms (or staff/PLC meetings!) to support any of the following: 

Activating prior knowledge
'Ticket to Leave'
Dipsticking - formative Assessment 
Posing a Question... Get Answers!
Collecting Feedback
Holding a discussion any topic

You can embed video, weblinks or keep it simple! You can monitor responses, or not! Students must post short, "tweet-like" responses which is a skill in summarizing and being concise.. Look at all the ways you can use this amazingly simple, quick to set up, tool in your personal or professional life!  


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